Brayden Ryle

Brayden Ryle is a teen music sensation, with a smooth voice full of emotion as he sings the lyrics to “They Rage On” by Dan Seals in his latest YouTube video. Brayden’s newest music video release received over 1,000 views on YouTube in just the first couple of days. Collectively, Brayden has been featured in videos on YouTube that total 10 million views and growing.

The latest music video is a cover of “They Rage On” that was recorded at Big Matador Recording studio.

Brayden is an actor and singer, who has received numerous awards, including “Best Original Song” from the FAB Chart Music Awards for his collaboration with Jadyn Rylee called “Only You”. He’s also been nominated for 4 Josie Awards, with winners to be announced in November 2020.

As a freshman in high school, he is making a splash in country music and in the pop music world. As his fanbase expands around the country and internationally, this young musician has an incredibly bright future in the music industry. His performance on camera and on stage is magnetic, and draws the audience in. It’s no wonder that the fans go crazy for every new song he puts out. 

Watch Brayden's latest music video - a cover of Dan Seal's song, "They Rage On":